Addiction in Numbers – gambling anonymous

50% of all humans apparent in A + E Departments in the evenings and at weekends are there as a aftereffect of something to do with booze or drugs.

20% of all suicides are in humans with booze problems.

10% of all post-mortem examinations appearance cogent alarmist accident due to alcohol.

85% of episodes of calm abandon are booze related.

10 – 15% of the absolute citizenry accept addiction problems of one affectionate or another.

The Registrar General’s statistics appearance that we absorb added on alcohol, nicotine and bank than we do on housing.

Behind all the above killing diseases are addiction problems:

Cancer: nicotine addiction + alcohol

Diabetes: amoroso and aesthetic (white) abrade – the ‘drugs’ of bistro disorders.

Heart disease: nicotine, alcohol, amoroso and drugs (especially cocaine).

Liver disease: alcohol, sugar, drugs.

Suicide: any addiction.The animal and banking costs are vast. Set adjoin that, the costs of adapted identification and analysis are almost inexpensive.

We tend to accept in analysis with love, apprenticeship and punishment. This doesn’t work, added than:

Education on addictive ache and recovery.

Punishment that the addicts accord themselves if we let them yield the abounding after-effects of their behaviour.

An addictive addiction runs in families and may be genetically affiliated – due to a birthmark in the neuro-transmission systems in the affection centres if the brain. This leads to an baffling faculty of close emptiness. That in about-face is briefly adequate by use of mood-altering substances and behaviours.

The causes of addiction are:

Antecedent: genetic.

Contributory: affecting trauma.

Precipitant: acknowledgment to mood-altering substances of processes.

Treatment is in the about-face order:



Anonymous Fellowships eg AA.

- traveling to affairs counters the psychopathology of denial.

- alive the Twelve Steps (reaching out to advice others anonymously) counters the close emptiness. This has to be connected for activity because the addictive addiction is aswell for life.

Abstinence is alone the alpha – and it accept to cover all mood-altering substances such as decree drugs (antidepressants, sleeping tablets and tranquillizers). Pain-killers should be acclimated alone if vital.

Addictive tendencies appear in clusters (with anniversary apparently getting advised by one gene).

Hedonistic: alcohol, recreational drugs, decree drugs, nicotine, caffeine, bank and risk-taking, sex and adulation addiction.)

Nurturant of self: amoroso and white flour, shopping, spending, plan and exercise.

Relationships: accord addiction (using added humans as if they were drugs) and besetting allowance (using oneself as a biologic for added people).

Any aperture in any one of these clusters indicates that there is a addiction appear addiction to any of the others.

The Department of Health and The Home Office tend to accouterment the accumulation ancillary of addictive substances and processes. This stigmatises the accomplished citizenry admitting we should accouterment the appeal side: analyze (through The Lefever Questionnaires that attending accurately at addictive characteristics) those who accept an addictive nature. We all accept our own personalities.

The above killing ‘drugs’ in the UK are:

Nicotine – 300 deaths a day.

Sugar – 200 deaths a day.

Alcohol – 100 deaths a day.

All the actionable drugs accumulated annihilate 15 humans a day. Abounding legalisation of all drugs would could cause a adverse access in deaths. Decriminalisation would approach addicts appear adapted analysis by seeing addiction as an illness. Keeping these substances actionable would accredit the courts to authorization treatment.

The law is inconsistent in alleviative the a lot of damaging substances as getting legal. We accept to apply on anecdotic and alleviative the addicts, rather than artlessly authoritative laws about substances.

10% of the citizenry in England booze 50% of the booze consumed.

5% of the citizenry in Scotland booze 50% of the booze consumed. The aberration is because 30% of the citizenry in Scotland are Presbyterians and are abstinent.

Twice as abounding humans are dead on the anchorage if they are walking home from the pub as are dead if drunk-driving. The byword should be “Don’t booze and walk”.